Egypt Learning Group
An Egyptian Joint Stock Company
Leeds English School (6th of October)
Leeds British School (5th Settlement)
Social Responsibility
has been defined by the World Business Council
for Sustainable Development (2000)
Management Team
Our team is multi-faceted, with strong financial,
investment, operational, and technical skills.
Egypt Learning Group (ELG)

Egypt Learning Group is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company, established to own and operate Egyptian education assets under the name of Egypt Learning Group “ELG”.

Currently, ELG owns two Schools in 6th of October and 5th Settlement that are still under construction. The School located in 6th of October is expected to be operational by 2019.

Concept and Vision

ELG plans to create a 10,000 student education investment platform in Egypt in order to tap the increasing demand for affordable quality education for the mid to high income population.

ELG’s vision is to have a mix of nurseries, schools, universities, and specialized education centers such as music and arts, attracting students from the age of 1 year old up to 18 years old.

Going forward, ELG would expand into the American and French curriculum schools, and finally tap into the higher education sector by investing in a university project